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Dolan is a well-known meme with roots dating back to 2010. This cartoon character, as widely known as Spoderman and Goobie, brings levity to our crypto project.
Along with Dolan's legendary tokens, we are introducing an innovative Airdrop system that distributes a $100 reward to random wallets in our DEX investor network. Dolan token is a constant reminder of the potential $100 winnings with each new investment.
We expect Dolan to take the top spot in meme cryptocurrencies alongside PEPE, Floki, Dogecoin, SHIBA and ELON. Dolan is not just a meme token, but a serious and useful project. It promises regular giveaways based on community voting, maintaining an attractive atmosphere for holders.
Our roadmap is directly related to the pool's readiness for listing on the CEX exchange. In addition, our free gift pool is replenished in real time on our website, promoting transparency and allowing anyone to track transactions.
Last modified 3mo ago